200 L Bio Chain Oil

Lab Reagents

Biochain Laboratories manufactures the 200 l bio chain oil reagents distributed by Genprice. The 200 L Bio Chain Oil reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Biochain. Other 200 products are available in stock. Specificity: 200 Category: L Group: Bio Chain

Bio Chain information


A3824-200 200 mg
EUR 3208.8
Description: Skepinone-L is a selective inhibitor of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) with IC50 value of 5 nM[1].P38 MAPKs are a class of MAPK which are responsive for stress stimuli, such as heat shock and osmotic shock.


B4751-200 200 mg
EUR 170.4
Description: L-mimosine is a prolyl 4-hydroxylase inhibitor and acts as an iron chelator [1]. In rats, it interfered with the reconstitution of the active human prolyl 4-hydroxylase with an IC50 value of 120 µM [2].


HE057017-200-100mg 100mg
EUR 624
Description: A high purity chemical with various applications in medical research, drug-release, nanotechnology and new materials research, cell culture. In the study of ligand, polypeptide synthesis support, a graft polymer compounds, new materials, and polyethylene glycol-modified functional coatings and other aspects of the active compound.

L-Glutamine, 200mM

CA009-200 20x100ml
EUR 554.4

DiagNano Streptavidin Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles, 200 nm

GCS-200 1mL
EUR 1300.8

Genorise® Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit 200

GR101073-200 200
EUR 309.6

Genorise® Bone DNA Extraction Kit-200

GR101084-200 200
EUR 309.6

Genorise® Soil DNA Extraction Kit-200

GR101085-200 200
EUR 309.6

Genorise® Stool DNA Extraction Kit-200

GR101086-200 200
EUR 309.6

Gel Extraction Kit (200 preps)

9K-006-0002 200preps, 200prep
EUR 418.09

PCR Purification Kit (200 preps)

9K-006-0004 200preps, 200prep
EUR 373.2

Plasmid Miniprep Kit (200 preps)

9K-006-0010 200preps, 200prep
EUR 328.31

Turbidity Std Ratio 200 NTU

CRSR-200-1 1L
EUR 557.46

Turbidity Std Ratio 200 NTU

CRSR-200-100 100ML
EUR 183.54

Turbidity Std Ratio 200 NTU

CRSR-200-500 500ML
EUR 380.76

BIO 1211

A8663-1 1 mg
EUR 388.8
Description: BIO 1211 is a selective and high affinity inhibitor of ?4?1 with IC50 value of 0.004uM [1].The leukocyte integrin ?4?1 mediates leukocyte recruitment, activation, apoptosis inhibition and mediator release, it plays an important role in inflammatory responses [1].


B5488-25 25 mg
EUR 448.8